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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Night with Jordan Knight

A couple months ago I had came home from a really rough day at school.
I made the kids dinner and sat down with my computer and pulled up Facebook
 (which is not a usual thing) 
and immediately saw 
What in the hell!?!?!
Is what I thought to myself.
Too good to be true!
I clicked on that link 
so fast my fingers were flying.
Price didn't matter - quite expensive.
Date didn't matter- school night.
Jordan Knight baby!
Jordan Knight baby!
This is a dream come true!

I've loved the New Kids on the Block for 69.6% of my life.
There was the stagnant period from 1994-2007.

Then this fabulous band shocked me in 2008 with a reunion and I was ecstatic.

Beyond the original reunion which I claimed was 'once in a lifetime chance.' 
Turns out apparently these dudes with keep playing until they can't!!

Thank you NKOTB!!

Back to recent times:

Finally the day came, last Thursday 

Thursday finally arrived. 
When I bought the tickets I never would have guessed I would have been taking care of a sick child all day long and would have been totally exhausted.
However, I picked up Christian, made dinner and put on some serious make-up (for my standards) 
some jeans and my high boots (which I've worn 6 times ever)
and sipped a beer while waiting for Mark's arrival.

Liv picked me up and we were out of here!
We headed to Minneapolis in rush hour and talked and had a great time.
Liv drove us straight to the location.

I was so nervous, my anxiety was at an all time high.
I didn't know what to expect.
I didn't like that feeling.

We had a sampler platter at Whiskey Junction.
Let's just say, the clientele wasn't used to having 60 dressed up girls there to have dinner.

I ditched the 'dinner' (10 tator tots) to go stand in line.
Online it said doors open at 6:00.
I gave Liv my debit card and was at the line at 6:04.
The line wasn't moving. At All!!!!!

Liv paid, put the left overs in the car and we continued to stand there.

This concerned me. WHY weren't they opening the doors.  Was it too good to be true? 
Jordan really wasn't performing at this little bar in Minneapolis?
Never mind we're standing outside with no coats in 28 degree weather with wind.
Never mind we have the most annoying people around us ever.
Think - strange girl (even shorter than me) standing alone yelling to random family members of her experience.  Beyond odd and extremely annoying.

I was quiet and just wanted to get in the building to see what I was in for.

Finally, at 7:15 we got in the door.
Completely aborting our plan and went to the bathroom at the same time and still got a rocking' spot in general admission.

The location

Us freezing

We found a very comfortable spot about 10 feet from the stage and next to a pillar that had a nice stand for our drinks.
We had a great time laughing and drinking.

That's not true, I was wrapped toooooooo tight to do any such thing.  I just wanted to see Jordan.
Unfortunately, there was an opening act. 
Tim Mahoney.
If I saw Tim at a random bar I may be a fan.
But seriously, get off the stage and get Jordan on! is all I was thinking.


If that's not worth it in itself...I don't know what is:-)

We Were Damn Close!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger won't upload my 5+minutes of Higher.
However, it is worth seeing. 
The floor was shaking and so was I it was incredible!

Then he took his shades off for 
Give It To You. . . another 'hit' I love.

It was really unbelievable how close we were and the amazing pictures I was getting.
I think he was actually smiling right at me here!
Really, who else would he be smiling at?
Simply adorable!
"Hello Kelly!
I've missed you!"
Isn't that what his smile is shouting to you?!

The serious look, love it!

Me 'with' Jordan LOVE it!

Liv and me 'with' Jordan perfectly centered, 

Even though I really would have liked to be pulled on stage, 
at least I went to high school with the girl who did!

Liv got his one.
I'm taking video and she's got it on camera.
Very very cool.
(Didn't know my hair was so 'golden' gotta do something about that.)
But extremely awesome shot!

He's a real person too, he needs some water.
I just love that about him:-)

Very nice picture, but really, 3 ballads during a pop concert.
No thanks.

Back in action, I don't know what song it is, but, I guarantee I was having a GREAT time!

Jordan played for about one hour and fifteen minutes.  The minute it was over we were outta there.
I had a smile on my face so big I could actually see my own cheeks.
We got back to my house at 10:24pm.
Then we uploaded pics and video and reminisced.
It was a knight night to remember.

Really, nobody could ever wish for a wing girl better than her.
I just need to convince her to continue being mine as long as these dudes continue to deliver!

Can't thank you enough Liv, that was a GREAT night!
It's a cherry on top you liked it too!

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