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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Findin' a Tadpole or Two or...

Who else has an ice cream bucket filled with lake water and 17 tadpoles and two teeny tiny snails?

Just us, I guess.  But someone sure had fun collecting them.

I think this picture is so gorgeous.
It's so her.

As you can see she was getting awfully close to the top of her little waders.
She assured me over and over her socks weren't wet.
When we got in the mini van she admitted her socks were wet.
I got out and wrung out her sock and dumped out the galoshes 
only to find tadpoles in there too!

It thrilled her to hold her pail of tadpoles on the way home.
It thrills me every time I drive back to the lake to get more water.

I'll be even more thrilled when one actually sprouts a limb.

It's the small things that count.  Even if it's a tadpole.

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