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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perceptive Little Boy

If I can get away with wearing yoga capris for the day in the summer I'm going to.  This morning though, was rainy and I knew we'd be out and about quite a bit.  I put on jeans and a shirt.  I saw Christian watching me closely as I was dressing.  This isn't that unusual since he's glued to my hip.  

Side note: I actual locked him out of the bathroom this afternoon and he stood wiggling the knob repeating, "Mom, the door's broken!" over and over and over.  No privacy I tell ya!

Anyway, I was getting dressed and even did my hair vs. a ponytail and headband.  He was standing there and I didn't think much of it.  Then I put on my watch and he shouted in a very sad voice, "I knew it!  We're not going to the movies you're going to school aren't you?!"  I assured him I could dress like an adult and still stay home with him.  I reassured him we were, in fact, going to the movies.  I just wore my watch so we wouldn't be late to it.  

He was pleased and finally left me side...for about 30 seconds.

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