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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 20 List of Summer

Oh, how I love summer.  With all the changes that came at the end of the school year it was hard for me to say, "Oh, I can't wait for summer vacation!"  It wasn't the usual emotional wrap up with my students. Instead those last few days, were filled with box filling and a very bad taste in my mouth.  Although, there were still quite  few tears shed by me, a few students and a handful of parents.

Now that we're a nearly a week into summer break I can finally take a breath a say, "Aaaahhhh, summer vacay rocks!"  Even though my classroom has boxes piled to the ceiling (figuratively) and 30 out in the hall (literally) I can still take a breath.

We've really been living it up around.  Tamarack Nature Center (where Victoria received her first black eye), movie theater (which was only the 4th one Christian had ever gone to), lunch with Mama Jeanne, lunch with Papa Wayne, Caleigh the World's Best Babysitter came for 5 hours so I could get my teeth clean, get the best pedi of my life, get my haircut and then grocery shop.  That's just a little bit of what we've been up to this week.

Here are my Top 20 Reasons Why Summer Vacation Rocks:

- in no particular order

1. Relaxing morning after morning filled with snuggles and cartoons.
2. The ability to entertain any night we wish.  We get a lot of visitors!
3. Walks to the park.
4. Reading in the plush green grass.
5. Taking time to enjoy the small things, such as Victoria's love for insects and Christian's love for his Momma.
6. Time to not only do the laundry but actually keep up with it!
7. Waking up and thinking, Hmmmm, what shall we do today?
8. Time to read for pleasure.
9. Time to read to the children.  Much much more than usual.
10. Time to stand at Victoria's bedroom door and listen to her read to her stuffed animals a.k.a her children.
11. Time to go the gym and not actually run down the hall because I'm in such a hurry.
12. Shopping.  Today V and I splurged on some very nice Sephora nail polish that we're looking forward to modeling at the parade tomorrow.
13. Being in parades.
14. Time to cook.
15. Time to organize.  My kitchen counters have never been so clutter free.  Watch out office, you're next.
16. Working on skills with the kids.  Victoria is working on subtraction and Christian is working on writing.  (The kid can swing a bat like nobody's business but whines and cries that the pencil 'hurts his fingers' when he's writing.)
17. Trips  **We have a few planned this summer and we're so excited!!!!!**
18. No naps - good bye are the days that we'd have to rush out of the house in the morning to be home and sleeping by 1:30.
19. Swimming - there hasn't been much of it yet - there will be.
20. Morning baths - sooo much better than the usual after dinner bath when everyone is exhausted and cranky.

And the list could go on and on and on.  And it will.

Enjoy the summer - we are!

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