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Monday, October 29, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese and a Special Guest

I had last Thursday and Friday off for MEA.  The kids and I didn't waste anytime.  We were up and at 'em.  They got their flu mists at 8am and then we were off to Chuck E. Cheese.  I called my dad and the way and told him we were going there.  He said he was already at work.  Less than ten minutes after we walked in to the completely empty Heaven for Children Dad not only walked in, but he had two entire pockets full of tokens.  He already stopped at home to get left over tokens from a previous trip.  

So there they are, three little kids two little kids and one grown man;-)

Having the time of their lives.  They played and played and won and won.  We stayed for nearly two hours of pure enjoyment.  I was exhausted when we left and those three were so content.  

Everybody got what they wanted: Christian got cotton candy, Victoria got new pencils and plastic spiders, Dad got to spend time with his favorite little people and I got to entertain the children while barely doing anything.  

It was a fabulous morning.

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