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Monday, October 29, 2012

Impromptu Trip to the Farm

About a month ago I was picking Christian up from daycare and my friend Mary was there picking up her grandsons.  She nonchalantly asks if we want to go see some horses at her nieces farm.  Of course, I agreed, not one to miss out on an opportunity.  Who cares if I was starving and wearing flip flops.  Off to the farm we went, after stopping for some carrots.

We walked into the gated area to get to another part of the farm.
The whole time I kept saying, "Stop running.  Pay attention.  There's horse poop everywhere!"
And then I stepped into a pile wearing white sandals.
Totally disgusting.

On our way back, the horses noticed us and started trotting over.
I told my kids to run and get behind the gate.  
I wasn't comfortable with the horses let alone the small children getting bitten or knocked down or something.
I would have run too, expect for the inappropriate shoes and the whole pregnancy thing.

The horses surrounded Mary and her grandson and their carrots.
It was funny....
once I was safe on the other side of the gate.

I love what good friends they are.

Can't leave a farm without feeding the pigs!

Notice the donkey on the right.
His name is Burt.
Mark won a stuffed donkey in a claw machine a couple weeks after this 
and Christian promptly named it Burt and sleeps with it each night.

The kids' favorite part was climbing up into a barn looking for some cats and jumping off bales of hay.
They loved it.

I love an impromptu experience with friends!

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