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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daily Tip

Each day I get an email about being pregnant.  It's some tidbit of information or a little tip.  So often, they're a couple days late and once in a while they actually explain something to me.  Such as: Last week it said along with ankle pain you might have wrist pain as ligaments are swelling and stretching.  My right wrist had been bothering me for a couple days.  Yesterdays email was a quiz so you could decide if you should find out the gender or not.  We've decided not to find out the gender but I took the quiz anyway, for fun.  Here's the result:

Prepare for a surprise! It sounds as if you should probably wait until your baby is born to find out his or her sex. This is how people have been doing it for centuries, and there's no reason to change now. Unlike so many people nowadays, you seem to have the patience and knack for "living in the moment" that's necessary to remain in the dark about your baby's sex.There are definitely benefits to not finding out. By waiting, you can spend the rest of your pregnancy having fantasies about babies of both sexes; this can actually make the last few weeks more bearable. And here's an extra benefit: Deciding not to find out might drive your relatives crazy!

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