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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby on a Field Trip to the Farm

Brecken was just a few weeks old and I took Brecken to a farm field trip.  I took this picture of Brecken laid out in the minivan because he pooped and it leaked and I had to go to a pj back up.  Embarrassing.

On the hay ride.

Christian and Rosie.

Checking out the baby animals.

Holding a kitten.

OMG, look at the outfit.
That's a crazy - I just had a baby and I didn't sleep much please don't judge me outfit.
And then Brecken and I left.

But Amanda sent me this adorable picture of Rosie.

And this one of Christian petting a baby duck? or something.

Overall I'm glad we attended but it definitely was part of my guilt that made me go.
In the end C will may or may not remember us being there but I will always remember.

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