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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Picture Day

We had a family photo redo this late afternoon.  It was horrible.  If this poor photographer puts together a decent shot or two I'll be thrilled.  And when I say 'put together' I mean literally put it together.  See, nobody would smile.  I'm sure at some points you could look at me and say SHE's not even smiling!  Victoria's been getting her picture taken every single month since she was born.  Christian isn't as natural as Victoria, however, this photographer can get him to relax and get some great shots.  Brecken is just a happy little baby and smiles all day long.  But today.  What a mess.  Victoria speaks and smiles different since she lost her teeth.  So she was a mess.  Christian is over tired and cranky and doesn't like the feel of grass (even though he'll roll down a grassy hill if he's not getting his picture taken).  Brecken napped like a champ yesterday.  But today, he maybe slept for an hour with all the minutes combined.  His eyes were bright red from lack of sleep, the photo shoot being near his bedtime, and maybe an allergy to grass.  I was sweating because I just wanted a nice family shot.  For the love of God people SMILE!

Overall, it was a nightmare.

It was a beautiful day.  The flowers were beautiful.  But we were a grumpy little family.

I hope this lady pulls some magic out of her camera bag.  She took a close up of each and every one of us because she thinks she'll need superimpose our faces.

Family Picture Day sure isn't the way is used to be.  I feel our professional photo shoots will become few and far between unfortunately.

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