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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Baby Boy!

Those words I just typed as the title, make my throat constrict.  Those words were not said when I gave birth to Brecken.  It wasn't a Mom and Baby are doing fine situation and it's still hard to deal with.

Here's our update.

I've spent a lot of time here since March 17.

Even though they are absolutely wonderful there and I really can't stress that enough, 
it's not something I'd wish on anybody.

If your baby/child is there it is horrible.
It's stressful. It's emotional beyond belief.
Which is why I have yet to post Brecken: On the Day You Were Born blog.
Because, whoa.  It is hard.

After tons of trips to the cardiologist, the endocrinologist and the surgeon we are THRILLED to report Brecken is officially a healthy little boy.  There are some things to watch as he grows.
However, each and every single specialist ensured me, there's nothing to worry about, only precautionary.

Here's the drawing the cardiologist gave us.
There was no leakage or anything else that could be seen.
After the EKG he actually had us stay for in echocardiogram because he thought the NICU may have misdiagnosed.
They didn't.
His heart just looked that healthy.

We are thrilled.  Our lives have been surrounded by his medical needs for four months now.
It's an amazing relief. 

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