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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

One of our very favorite family traditions is cutting down our Christmas tree at Stacy Tree Farm in Stacy, MN.  Mark and I went there the first year we were married and owned our house. I was pregnant with Victoria. It's been amazing to see how our family has grown and changed the last five years.

This year, for some reason, the pickings were slim.  They assured us next year it would be better.

After about half an hour of wandering around we finally found the perfect tree.  Everybody, except for me, got their little hands on the saw.

Christian was very interested in getting in there.

Finally, time to drag it back to the truck.

Mark left it next to the rode and drove back.  We had walked a too far away to drag it.

This was Victoria's highlight of the day.  A bird's nest fell out of our tree.  She really wanted to take it home.  I convinced her that taking a picture was good enough.

One of the perks of this tree farm is the petting zoo.
Both of the kids love animals and especially love feeding them.

I think she would seriously hop right in there if she could.

We let the kids sit in the front not in car seats, from the tree to the tree shaker. 
Christian loved 'driving.'

The trip is concluded with a visit to Santa and his reindeer, Comit.
Christian really liked the reindeer.  Victoria kept telling Santa she wanted a Leapster.

When we got home the kids went straight to nap and Mark set it up.

The following night the lights were added.  Christian just sat there looking at it.

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