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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ornaments Were Hung

A couple days after the lights were put on the tree we cranked up some Christmas music and added the ornaments.  We don't rush it.  We look at each one.  So many ornaments have stories that gow with them.  This year the kids were actually able to help without so much guidance.  I took quite a few pictures of actual ornaments.  I think God made me do it since He knew that tree was going to fall in about four hours.

Every year I buy the Hallmark family ornament.  We began this tradition in 2001.  Amazing I just bought the 2010!  One year I waited until after Christmas to get the 50% discount.  Guess what. . . couldn't find it anywhere!  For sure spent more than the 'saved' $10 on gas.  I had to buy it on Ebay for triple the price the following year.

Somehow Victoria remembered picking out this egg ornament last time we were in Colorado.
We told her she could choose any ornament in the whole Christmas store and she chose a pretty little egg.

2007 & 2009 Hallmark ornaments.

That gold little apple is from a kid in my 2nd grade class in 1987 from Mike O.

There's our latest Mount Rushmore ornament.  The last one was demolished in the first tree fall in 2007.

A lot of ornaments were hung on the bottom quarter of the tree.

All decorated and happy!

Looking at her very favorite ornament The Turtle.
Unfrotunately, The Turtle perished in the tree toppling.
I'm on a mission in 2011 to find a replacement.  Good thing we have this picture!

Gotta love Baby's First Christmas ornaments.

Reaching as high as she can, but losing her britches at the same time.

One of the many of Victoria's first Christmas ornaments.

This year I bought them each a Hallmark ornament to remember their interests this year.
Victoria got a Scooby one that sings Ringle Rells and Christian got a Polar Express one.  The Golden Ticket on the top says 2010.

The ornaments have been packed up for another 11 months.  Although many got broken we got about 10 new ones to look forward to taking out next year.

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