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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Story of Lala

This is, by far, Victoria's favorite Christmas gift.  It is a furreal kitty from Grandma Jeanne.  She immediately named it Lala.  Mark always gets the kids something special that even I don't know about.  He gave Victoria a $20 Visa that she can 'spend anywhere on anything she wants.'
She received Lala on Christmas Eve and the Visa on Christmas morning.  She had an immediate plan.  She was going to use her Visa at the pet store because Lala needed a collar.  I convinced her into getting one from the dollar store instead.  She chose a pretty purple one and it only deducted $1.07 from her card.  As we were walking out she says, "Are we going to the pet store now?"  Why?!  "Well, Lala needs a tag too!"  Well, of course, what in the world was I thinking.  The purple collar would have been much to easy.  Off to the pet store.  They had a large selection, about 15 engravable tags.  Which one does my daughter choose??  The most expensive tag of course, $13.  It is a silver tag with 6 pink rhinestones and it says LALA.  That's it.  I suggested: Victoria's Kitty Lala or Lala Humphrey or Lala pretend bday.
that's it.
Okay.  I cringed at 13.whatever was deducted. 

(She also wanted to buy Lala cat food.  I drew the line! The cat could live off of Cherios we already owned.)

But when it was all put together and she hugged Lala is was priceless.
Christian had his bday pictures taken on the 29th.  The night before V asked if she could bring Lala.  I thought she meant in the car for the ride.
Of course not!  She wanted a 'frameable' picture of Lala. 
So there you have it.  The story of Lala.  
Lala better never get lost or I'll be out making Lost Cat signs.

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  1. Leave it to Grandma Jeanne! What a Gram she is!