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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Skate Night

Christian's favorite past time has got to be roller skating.  He absolutely loves it.
We went for the first time this year, the first Friday in December.

His little feet have gotten so big he's almost ready for a new pair, out growing the kid kind that you just stick the shoe in.

He is so seriously the entire time we're there he rarely cracks a smile.
But once we're in the car he says, "Member when I. . ."

We've never been able to stay late enough for the Hula Hoop contest. This time we did!
There's Jeanne with her 9 footer!  I used the 6 footer.  We both made it til the end.
I would let my children participate in the contest too, but I'm too competitive and wouldn't want to take the chance on them coming too close and bumping my Hula Hoop.
Once when I was 8 years old. . .I beat out about 100 other kids to win a contest.  Still have the t-shirt to prove it.  My dad and I love to tell that story.

Yes, we're the only family with helmets out there.  Safety first.

Victoria has really matured since last spring when we went last.  She didn't want to hold hands at all and actually skated with some of the second graders I knew.  It was so cute to stand back and watch her on her own.  We're looking forward to Skate Night in January.

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