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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing My Very Own Clark

My All Time Favorite movie is Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation.
I smile just thinking about it.
There he is.  See him up on the ladder.  My very own Clark Griswold.
Clark went a little crazy this year with outdoor decor.

Usually we have a strand of icicle light and those gifts that light up and open behind Christian.
This year 'we' added a hideous plastic Santa that is larger than our almost three year old. 
That thing looks like it's older than me.

These lights were cute. . .until we got 20 inches of snow a couple weeks later.  But Mark goes out and digs them out so we can see them from inside, at least.

And of course my favorite the 14 foot Santa.  I love this thing!!  So much I got a 5 ft reindeer and a 7 foot family of Snowmen for next year.  So tempting just to plug them in out there!

While Clark, I mean Mark, was busy so were we.

This is a new tradition I am really looking forward to continuing.
Now the countdown is on to see how long it takes Clark to remove all of the wonderful items from the ice encrusted two feet of snow.  I'm hoping prior to Valentine's Day.

I'll keep you posted.

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