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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Wonderful Trip to the Dentist

When I was little we didn't have insurance, therefore, the first time I ever went to the dentist I was in fifth grade.  This may be why I really enjoy going to the dentist.  I really enjoy when they tell me what nice teeth I have.  I love that we're blessed to have very good insurance and my children have been to the dentist several times in their short little lives.

I took a half day today to take them both in.  They both needed x-rays and cleanings.  Christian hit his mouth on the tub about a year or more ago and has a discolored front tooth.  He gets x-rays often to watch the nerve damage. 

I decided to change dentists.  Our last pediatric dentist only made appointments in the afternoons.  Hello?!  Naptimes?!   How does a pediatric dentist not realize that?!  It was a good choice.  I loved the new place.  Loved the super sweet and patient dental assistants and love Dr. Mielke. 

He was pleased to tell me that Christian's tooth is doing a natural root canal on itself.  Hopefully it will not need to be pulled!  His permanent tooth behind it is formed correctly too.

I love to stand back - in this case - sit back - and watch my kids interact with other adults.  Both kids were perfectly behaved and very good listeners.  This is totally what I would expect but the dental assistants kept commenting on how great they were "especially the two year old."  (Insert proud Mommy smile here.)

Victoria continued to hold a full conversation even with a woman's hand in her mouth.  I could hear her a room away.  She is so funny.  She is so social it's hysterical.  When I poked my head in her room there she was laid back, with her little legs propped up on a purple pillow and was wearing pink shades.  She didn't need me.  I went back to Christian's room. 

Neither had cavities.  I should hope NOT, I didn't have one until I was 31 years old. 

However, the Dr. looked at V's x-rays and said, "Whoa!  Mom, come over and look at these teeth!!"  There they were, her fully formed GINORMOUS permanent teeth just waiting to knock out her perfect pretty little baby teeth.  He figures she need an orthodontist in two years.  Overcrowing and overbite don't go well together. 

I better start taking some pictures of her gorgeous little smile now while we still have it.

They each got a new toothbrush, floss and a prize.  Christian chose a little Dora wearing winter clothes.  He thought it was a helmet though.  Victoria chose a red sticky squishy fish.  Christian already said that's what he's going to choose next time. 

We decided to take the stairs versus the elevator up and down.  On the way down Victoria was so busy squishing her squishy fish she totally wiped out down the last three stairs and was completely laid out on her belly at the bottom.  Before even lifting her head she held up the fish and said, "Can I bring this to Kris'?"  I cracked up.  "Yes.  Apparently it's pretty important to you.  Now stand up."

We finished off the morning with lunch at McDonald's Playland.

I just love going to the dentist & I hope my kids will continue to too.

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