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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let Me Flip That Table

I read many blogs by moms with many children.

A few weeks back I read this blog where this mom who works from home didn't go to her child's field trip because she 'didn't want to.'  I guarantee my mouth dropped open when I read those words.

Are you joking me?!  You could, but you didn't?! 
It was genuinely shocking to me.
As a working mom you miss out on things here and there and the guilt eats you up.

To think you could and you didn't was so selfish to me. 
I am the crazy lady who brought my infant to the farm even though I didn't want to because I thought I 'should' since I was home.

Anyway,  a couple weeks later Odelis invited me to go with her to a book signing of Teresa Guidice from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

First off, I like the Real Housewives.
I'd accept if Andy Cohen asked me to become one.
Boy oh boy, would his ratings sky rocket;-)

I really do love meeting celebrities.
(Hello- Sheena Easton, Randy Jackson, Kendra Wilkenson, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joe McIntrye, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg.)

The one and only issue was that this meeting was during Victoria's last t-ball game.
I decided I'd go to the game and leave early.

Instead at the last minute Mark told me just to go to MOA and skip the game.
With hesitation....

I did.

Let me tell you....  she didn't all.
What a relief.  

Instead I sat on the hard MOA tile and waited #40 in line for 20 minutes (oh yes, she's quite popular;-)
to get this shot:

That's Odelis and me "flipping the table" with Theresa.

In case you're not familiar with this classic scene of reality TV history 

In the end I bought a copy of her grilling cookbook, got it signed and got a fabulous picture with the Queen of Reality TV.

For the guilt record....glad I did!

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