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Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Fun

When you have a baby everyone always says, "Enjoy every minute.  They grow up fast!"
I've said it myself.  But...what the hell does that mean?  Don't sleep and watch them because they are actually growing (did it)?  Take millions of pictures because they'll never be this small again?  That's my life.  Wish over and over this moment would never end (constantly do it)?

I'm not sure how you can REALLY appreciate it.  Hopefully, I will feel I DID do it in the future.

When Victoria was a baby I brought her to school at lunch time to show her off to my friends and she slept like a little angel and I walked her out of there feeling like the proudest new mommy ever and the gym teacher stopped me and said, "Don't worry it will get a lot more fun."

I walked out of there (background info. we're are actually friends) being so offended thinking these are the best days of my LIFE!  How could you not think I'm having fun??

Then she got older and I understood.

It's actually FUN when they interact.

Not that I'm wishing away Brecken's Babyhood....but I just know now that real FUN is just around the corner.

He's not just smiling...he's laughing.

He's sitting in his Bumbo watching me complete tasks while I sing to him.
(Don't worry he's safe on the counter.)

See..his loves it...and me...and his fist...

My boy is watching everything I do and becoming more fun each and every day.

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