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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Will You Ever Lose a Tooth?

Victoria has completed first grade and has yet to lose a tooth. 
She didn't get a tooth until she was 11 months so it's natural that her teeth would fall out late.  
I'm totally fine with that fact.
Thrilled, actually.
The are the most perfect little baby teeth I've ever seen.
Plus, they keep her 'little' for just a tad longer.

However, since I'm in the First Grade business and see kids lose teeth just about every single day and see their excitement, I know this is a very important part of the journey.
By the end of the year I felt bad for her.
Out of her class and mine there were only 3 kids who were yet to lose a single tooth.

Suddenly, she showed me a permanent tooth growing in behind the baby teeth.

The next day I made an appointment.
Obviously this is good.
I figured she'd need a tooth pulled.
I prepped her.
She was ready and willing.
This is her right before they called her name.

The last time ever she'd have all her baby teeth.

Sure enough it had to be pulled.
But he wanted to to the side one too.  

NEXT time.

The poor kid was shocked.
She expected to go straight to school to show off her lost tooth. 
Instead we walked out with an appointment card to show her friends.
June 20th, 3:00.

At least she could show her Summer Academy friends.

Nope, it's an Extended Day field trip.
Appointment move to June 27th.
The top two teeth are actually wiggly too.

This gives that glorious tooth fairy a couple weeks to come up with a glorious plan to celebrate this momentous occasion!

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  1. I think it would be fantastic if her wiggly teeth FELL OUT during all this waiting....