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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Graduates

My first class of students graduated this year.  That means, if you were a second grader a decade ago, you should be graduating this June.

Maybe you've heard a teacher say, "I don't have favorites."  Let me tell you, it's not like having children.  Because you actually DO have favorites.  I have 2-3 favorites each year.  I have three from my very first year.  I was invited to two of their graduation parties this year.

Even though my life has changed in so many ways since I was their second grade teacher, I will remember them forever because I sunk my heart and soul into that class.  

I didn't have children or a husband.  I was theirs and all theirs.  
It still shows when I see kids from that class.  It was a really special year.  

This is Jake.  His mom and I have become friends over the years.  She's actually subbed for me over the years.  Jake came up to me my VERY FIRST day and handed me a gourd covered in puff paint and said, "My mom thought I should give this to you because you were going to be so nervous today."

I will never forget it.  I was very very nervous.  And somehow that gourd and Jake made me feel a little bit more at ease.  I ended up home schooling his little sister for a couple months and had his younger sister in second grade several years later.  I consider his family genuine friends of our family. 

Now Jake is headed out of state for college and had to slouch for this photo. 

This little lady was the cutest little second grader ever.
Her mom worked at our school, so I was friends with her and couldn't stop gushing about her daughter.
I loved her!
In fact, our 'adult only' wedding included a flower girl and her brother 
and Molly.

She was quiet but friendly.
She respectful and hard working.
We had a connection and I still love that little girl.
Even though she doesn't look or sound the same -
I still feel that love for her.

Even though it's bittersweet to think those little eight year olds have turned into eighteen year olds
I am happy for them and only wish them the very very best in their future.

I hope they continue to 
read every night and be kind to their friends 
and extra kind to those they don't know.

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