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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Part II

Father's Day Interview by the Humphrey Children

What is something daddy always says to you? V: I love you little munchkin.  C: Please
What makes daddy happy? V: When we pick up our toys in the yard. C: When we say thank you
What makes daddy sad? V: When we don't listen   C: When I stick my tongue out at him.
How does daddy make you laugh? V: When he's funny. C:  When I mane funny faces at him.
How old is daddy? V: 35  C: 35
What is daddy's favorite thing to do? V: Spend time with his family. C: Play catch with me with the real baseball and our gloves.
What does daddy do when you're not around? V: I don't know because I'm not here.  C: I don't know because I'm not around.
How tall is daddy? V: Really tall  C: 34 inches
If daddy becomes famous what will it be for? V: Being the best daddy in the world.  C: Singing just like Jordan Knight.  (Yes, that is his actual response.)
What is daddy really good at? V: Fishing  C: Playing catch and flying our planes.
What is daddy not very good at? V: Nothing C: Changing Brecken's diaper.
What does daddy do for his job? V: Construction worker  C: Build houses
What's daddy's favorite food? V: Meat  C: Broccoli
What do you and daddy do together? V: Have fun  C: Play catch
How are you and daddy the same? V: ?  C: Our hair is the same.
How are you and daddy different? V: He has whiskers and I don't   C: I'm littler and he's bigger.
Where is daddy's favorite place to go? V: Menards  C:n Pizza Ranch
How do you know daddy loves you? V:Because he tells me that   C: Because he's my daddy.

Daddy's Father's Day Interview

The best part of being a dad is watching my children's accomplishments.

I'm glad no one Instragrammed that!  When I pelted Christian in the face with a snowball.

How I hope they take after me --- work ethic

The trait I hope they don't get from me --- short fuse

The most important lesson I will teach my children is take responsibility for your actions.

What I learned about myself when I became a dad - patience is a virtue I don't have enough of.

I'm better at fixing things than mom.

Mom is better at parenting than me.

When they're older they will probably be embarrassed by my constant joking around.

I look forward to when Brecken is old enough to play catch.

I look forward to when Christian is old enough to have a child.

I look forward to when Victorai is old enough to graduate college.

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