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Monday, September 2, 2013

5 Month Recap

Our little man turned five months during our road trip from Colorado.
We happened to be at Mount Rushmore on August 17th.

The five month mark was a big one for Brecken.
He started eating solid foods less than a week before he turned 5 months.
It was life changing.
Ask him.
It's his favorite thing to do.

He started with oatmeal mixed with breast milk at dinner time.
Soon, it was added to his breakfast routine as well.
Not long after we added, peas (which he despised) then banana and peaches.

He can move all over.
He's getting his knees up under his body ready to crawl.
He opens his mouth super wide and grabs your cheeks (if you're lucky) 
and gives huge kisses while baby sliming your whole lower face.

He prefers to be held by Mommy. 
But he's also happy with Daddy.
Unless Mommy is near by.
He adores Victoria.
He'll reach out to grab her hair or kiss her.
He loves to look at Christian's face.
He stares at him while he talks.
Sometimes he looks confused, sometimes he laughs.
He always pays attention.

He slept 11 hours and 45 minutes.
Almost the full 12 hours we're looking for.

He's the best baby God could have blesses us with.

He couldn't be loved any more than he is!

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