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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finally 12+

Brecken was very tired last night.  I fed him dinner at 5:15pm and he was rubbing his eyes so much he got applesauce on his little lashes.  I gave him a bath, jammied him up, nursed him and said prayers with all three kids and I laid him down.  How rolled around and played with giraffey and his Cubs mini blanket.  I checked in on him again five minutes later and he was sound asleep with his left thumb in his mouth.  I woke to Christian asking for his Claritan at 6:15am to realize Brecken never woke to eat.  Not even at 5 or 6 in the morning!!  Finally at 6:30 he woke and chowed down on his milk.  That means he slept more than 12 hours straight!  Yahoo!  I've been waiting for this night!  Thanks to daycare for wearing him out for the week.  We're blessed he loves daycare.  He smiles when he sees Kris and leans for her to hold him.  He's eating and sleeping good there too.

I'm so happy this week went as smoothly as it did.

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