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Monday, September 2, 2013

Kindergarten Assessment

The day after the kids got home from WI Dells Christian had his kindergarten assessment at school.  He was nervous. Really nervous.  How barely spoke above a whisper to his teacher.  I filled out paperwork while he completed his assessment.

If I had to guess before it began I would have said I thought he'd come out average.

He ended up actually scoring one point higher than Victoria did when she took it for the literacy portion.  One day she will read this and not believe me, so I tucked the assessment aside for further verification.

He scored average on the math.  I was disappointed to see he couldn't recognize as many numbers as I would have guessed.  Guess why.   I'm obsessed with teaching reading and if I never taught math another day in my life I'd be cool with that.  But, it really showed up in this particular assessment.  So we kicked it into high gear and he made some flash cards and we're on track for kindergarten.

He has a couple hour orientation tomorrow and full time starts Thursday.

I am so happy he's in kindergarten.  He's ready.  It will be so good for him.  It will be so good for me to be able to see him whenever I want during the day.  I'm looking forward to seeing how V & C act when they see each other throughout the day at school.

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