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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunny Questions

A conversation between Victoria and me as I was rocking her tonight:

Mommy: Are you excited to see the Easter Bunny tomorrow? (with excitement in my voice)

Victoria: Well...not really (very slow and hesitant)

M: Why?

V: Mommy, isn't that just a person in a costume?

M: What makes you think that?

V: First off, his eyes are twice the size of my HEAD (then tries to demonstrate how large that really is)

M: Hmmmm (Mommy is thinking how to explain this)  that does seem weird.

V: Is that huge bunny going to come into our house? (with a worried tone)

M: Of course not honey.  How could that big bunny hop around here and not wake us up?

V: That's what I thought.  That's just a person in a costume and the real bunny will come into our house. Right?

M: Yeah, that's pretty much right.  But it's rude to talk about somebody in a costume you know. (She can't blow it for her brother and the rest of the kids in line.)

V Obviously I have to pretend he's real or I'll hurt his feelings.

She's figuring things out very quickly.  Even thought I don't want there to, she better lose a tooth soon or she's may figure something else out.

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