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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rollin' with My Four Year Old

We decided to switch things up this year for Christian's birthday party.
The previous three birthdays were celebrated at Pump It Up.
It was/is completely played out.
Since our school's Skate Night is his favorite night of the month we decided to hold it at Wooddale Roller Rink.

It turned out to be a great choice.

It was a construction theme.
I could not - for the life of me - find a Bob the Builder - or anything construction - cake!
I took it upon myself and order a full marble sheet that just said Happy 4th Birthday Christian in orange with a border.

The night before the party Mark and I had fun embellishing.  Actually Mark had fun and completely took over.  However, it was all my ideas and materials - thank you.

Turned out amazingly adorable!

*The 'dirt' is crushed Oreos*

Hangin' with their friend Simon - who is not wearing skates.
A lot of kids had never skated before! 

But not THIS kid!

Rollin' with Uncle John

That's pretty damn cute!

Auntie Livi and her Simon

Teeny tiny little Maya!
Those skates are three sizes too big - 
but she didn't seem to care.

My wonderful friend Mary and her grandson who 
is truly a BFF of Victoria and Christian

Daddy, Uncle Guy and Christian
too cute for words!

Laura, Jenna and Samantha

I loved that people brought skates and had a blast!

Especially this lil' dude!

His many of his favorite people were in attendance/
Including these two!

Uncle John and soon to be Aunt Tegan

Uncle Wayne and Ashley

Victoria introducing Tyler to the enticing world of arcades

My totally adorable friend Shauna and her son Jack
He had never skated before and stuck with it!

Simon with his big win!!

Papa Mark and his grandson
I LOVE this picture!

Christian and his Aunt Molly and Brian

Uncle Guy and Matthew and Emilee

Nice hat Livi;-)

Now...let's get to eat!
If you know Christian - this is his favorite part!
He loves his condiments!

Both Grandmas in one shot.
I don't think I've seen that before.  
Love it!

Simon is hard at work

Jenna and Sam having a good time

Christian too busy to turn around with the sign I asked him to show me.
Actually, I like this look better.

Finally, a family picture right before the cake is cut -
thanks to Laura for always looking out for my photo-opps

I love that even though he's a whopping four - he still needs Mommy's help.

Lovin' every minute

And every bite

and every gift

and every guest

Great - Grandma Dorothy

76 years in between them - 
totally adorable!

and friends who are really family

and family who are really friends

Who is enjoying this hug more?

We are so blessed to have so many friends with kids our kids' ages.

And even more blessed they actually like each other.

My baby is four.
It's so so sweet. 

I've never loved him more.

I Dig Being Four!

***  Side note to that shirt he's sporting. 
I ordered it online a couple months before his birthday to have it show up the size of a second grader.
I emailed...etc.. to get no response.
The problem was I loved the design and could not find it anywhere else.
So, I reorder the next size smaller.
That came fit for a 12 month old.
I emailed and was beginning to get aggravated!

One night Liv was over and I was telling her the story and how I wasn't getting anywhere with the company and she decided we could 'fix' one of the shirts.  
We were either going to wash the big one in scalding water and pray for shrinkage or we were going to play tug of war with the little one.

We played a full out pull as hard as you can and laugh hysterically tug of war.
It worked.
He loves that shirt.

He is so proud to be four.

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