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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fourth Annual Trip to the Circus

Attending the Shrine Circus began in 2008.
Victoria was about to turn 2 and Christian was an infant.
It was the first time we had a babysitter for him.
Auntie Sandy babysat.  My friend Misha was in town to meet 
my brand new baby.
She was wearing her favorite Elmo sweatshirt.
Mark, Victoria and I had a great time at the Circus.
Except for her wanting to leave after 15 min.

We went the following year with both kids.
It was fun.
Except that Christian wanted to leave after 15 min.

2010 was even better.
We were late for naps but they both held on.
And Liv went with us.
That always livens things up.

2011 they were beyond excited.
They didn't ask to leave for about an hour.
But they talked about it all year long.

2012 Alex and Odelis went with us.  * See photo at top*
The kids talked about it for a couple months.
Their excitement was outrageous!
We counted down the days.
The circus is the circus.
It seems more boring to me each year.

But, to the kids it's completely awesome for several reasons.
1. The anticipation
2. The treats - fistfuls of popcorn at 10am
3. The over prices 'light sabers' that daddy thought they 'needed'
4. Sitting on a lap asking questions
5. The oddly amazing things only the circus has to offer
6. The (small) sips of real pop daddy lets one sneak
7. All the memories to keep them pumped for another year

This lady was actually carried around IN the elephants MOUTH.
It was shocking!

He's pretty sure it can't get better than a light saber at this point.

See?!  There she is!

You can't exactly just smile at the camera when you're holding a real light saber!

The clowns were putting on a show.
It was the worst part of the concert.
It was completely stupid.

I would rather watch the people in the shadows get ready for the next act than 
watch a clown act ridiculous.
All of a sudden Christian says in a loud voice, "What is supposed to be so funny about this?"
Well, that just cracked everyone else up!
Odelis says back, "Thank you Christian!  That's what I was thinking!"

The Grand Finale

A woman climbed in a huge cannon and was shot across the coliseum.
Talk about something to talk about.

When we left Christian wanted to know what we were going to do next.
Have lunch and go home, was the answer.

The poor boy went into depression.
Turns out he thought the actual State Fair was going on (the circus is on the fair grounds).
Poor thing thought we were about to go to the fair!

Instead we had lunch at Snuffy's and had malts before the meal.
He was cool with that.

It was a day filled with memories.
Already looking forward to next year.

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