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Thursday, April 5, 2012

People People Everywhere

Last weekend we went to the circus and a lovely lady I work with, Kathy was there. It was fun talking to her for a couple minutes.  That was Saturday morning.

The following afternoon we took the kids to Burger King for lunch.  I sat down with the kids while Mark was ordering and then an entire family approached me.  It was a student who I had about five years ago.  He came to my class after being in the US for four days.  He knew no English.  He cried.  He had headaches.  He went home early daily.  Then he adjusted.  I did everything I could for him.  A hug is universal.  I loved that child.  He was in intelligent, loving kid trapped not knowing the language.  On the day of his 5th grade graduation he read the poem he wrote me about those first days.

They moved and changed schools.  I haven't seen them in quite a while.

Needless to say I pushed my kids to the side when they walked up.  It was fun catching up for a couple minutes.

Then we were off to Wm. O'Brien State Park.  We stopped for ice cream after, in Marine on St. Croix.  In walk two students from my school.  Not sure who was more surprised, them or me.

The longer I'm in this business the more often I see kids I know.  Sometimes it sooooo fun and others I just wish I could shop/eat/be with my family in peace.  My kids are never thrilled when strangers approach us.

It's a strange problem to have.
I guess it's the privilege/price to pay when we live so close.

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