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Friday, April 6, 2012

Middle of the Night Egg Bake

I'm a huge believer in schedules.
Whether it's with myself.
My class.
My family.
My kids.

When my kids were babies we slept trained them both.
And it was magical.

We've missed complete holidays due to nap time
I will stand by a sleep schedule any and every single day no matter what.

When Victoria was in Abbey's wedding I told her in the car "You better nap so you can walk down the aisle." She did.

On the way to Colorado last summer we would say, "Time to nap,' and they would.

Granted there is a lot of work and backstory to all of that, it's true.
We have created great little sleepers.

However, one night last December Christian had taken a REALLY long nap.
The poor boy couldn't fall asleep.
It's especially annoying when you're used to falling right to sleep.

While he was singing in bed I was on pinterest (arguably the best website ever created).
I found an amazing recipe for an egg bake that cooks in your crock pot that cooks over night and is ready for breakfast.

Why didn't I think of that?!

I got the child out of bed and he thought he was a Navy Seal slinking around the kitchen!

The Big Sister was not to be aroused!
These were his moments and his alone.

He had no problem requesting the full chef's hat and apron.
His task was cracking 12 eggs. 

And then he went to sleep very peacefully.

** As my kids get older....
that's a very fun part of where they can deviate from their usual - whatever - and be able to handle it.

It is so fun to see them grow and evolve.**

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  1. So I read this post and thought, "why does this sound so familiar?"

    And I hunted (seriously, get a search box and start tagging!) and finally found:

    So, tell me, did you do this egg bake twice, or just post about it twice??