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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blast from the Past

I have an obsession with pictures and picture frames.
I want all my pictures displayed.
Every. Single. One.
You're probably thinking, "Yeah, your house is full of pictures!"
No, no, no.  I'd have ten times the pictures if Mark would let me.
He not a fan of clutter.
Me however, it I would say I love it, but it I don't feel pictures are clutter.

What happens is I'll take some pictures down to decorate for Christmas, or a shower or whatever and I'll put them in a box.  Almost never does everything come back out from the box.  I'll put something different in its spot, possibly a new picture frame or something of the sort.
Then I end up with several boxes of pictures frames.  
I was decluttering the basement last week when I came across boxes and boxes of pictures and frames.
Some so old I don't think we ever even had them on display in this house.  We've lived here nearly 8 years.  Even though I know I can't put them back up I don't know what to do with the pictures.

Here are a couple Blasts from the Past that warm my heart but will never be on display again.
Mainly because moisture got in the frame and they stuck to the glass.

Mark and Jonathan in 2001 in our first apartment.
Jonnie came to spend the night.
He was four years old.
Even smaller than Christian is now.
Man, I loved that kid as my own.
Often times, Christian reminds me of Jonathan.
I loved how much Mark loved Jon and Jon loved Mark.
That's pretty much when I knew he'd be a good daddy
and it would be in my best interest to get married to him and create beautiful babies.

This one is from 1999.
My dad and I are in Hawaii.
I am 20 years old there.
Don't I look like a child???
If I didn't know for a fact the year and my age I wouldn't even believe it.
That was an amazing impromptu trip.
My dad loved me so much (that's not past tense - he actually still does) I wish I appreciated it more back then.  Now I can see his love all the time.  Especially when he's with my kids.
I love this picture of us!

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