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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Notes from V's Teacher

We are beyond blesses with Victoria's first grade teacher.  This girl is amazing.  Since I am actually friends with her I know she is good at everything she does.  She's a great friend, a fantastic wife and a truly amazing teacher.  She's great about telling me little stories from first grade and she compliments Victoria to me nearly every single day.

Here's a note she sent home a couple weeks ago:

What parent wouldn't love to receive this?!
 On her report card for quarter 2 in the comment section she wrote:
Victoria continues to excel in the skills that are being taught in first grade.  She does a wonderful job completing her work on time and does a quality job.  She is a great listener, is kind to her peers and continues to make great choices in first grade.  she does a wonderful job expressing her ideas and thoughts clearly and demonstrates great listening skills.  You can be proud of her, she continues to shine in first grade!

That little girl makes us so proud.
It's especially nice her teacher takes the time to let us know how well she's doing!

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