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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 3

Today is Day 3 after the surgery.  Every doctor, surgeon and nurse says Day 3 is the worst.  I still remember Day 3 from 2010.  They weren't kidding.  He slept through the night, except to be woke for his pain meds.  He woke at 5:30 screaming, "MY THROAT!!!!!"  He didn't want to take his medicine because he didn't want to swallow.  Eventually, I convinced him it would help.  He said it was too sore for a popsicle.  I reminded him Dr. Stang said you have to drink even if you don't want to.  So I agreed the popsicle could be eaten in the living room while we watched cartoons.  He's back to whispering.  He holding his throat and mouth while sitting here.  Today is going to be very different from yesterday. I'm already looking forward to Day 4.

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