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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paint Your Plate

Several weeks ago Victoria and I snuck away for some girl time during the day.
We went to Paint Your Plate.  We hadn't been there in at least a year.  She was so different from last time we went with.  She had her own ideas, rather than me telling her what to paint and how to paint it. She had an idea of which brushes would work for the ideas she was trying to create.  She had more patience than I did when it came to letting the coats dry between color changes.  I was also starving and just a block from one of my favorite restaurants, the Uptowner.

She chose to paint a fish for her new room.

She is one serious artist.
I believe she's officially a better artist than me at age 6.

Just hanging out telling me one story after another while watching paint dry.

My masterpiece that looked very different in my vision.

Talking about what she'll choose next time.
She said we should go there at least once a month and twice this month because we hadn't been there in so long.
She loved it!

Finally we got to Uptowner.
She chose not to eat, she was on the upswing from her illness.
I got the amazing Uptowner Breakfast.
Which actually was a total of three meals.
She drew me quality pictures the entire time.
Love my Lil' Aritst!

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