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Monday, January 28, 2013

Christian's Real Birthday

January 28th is one of my favorite days of the year.  I think about it for three months before the big day.

Today my son turned 5.  It was bittersweet knowing the surgery is looming tomorrow morning which made me want to make it even more special.  I took a half day today to make sure Christian is eating and drinking as much as possible (since now he's officially cut off and won't eat for several days) and I wanted to make a couple hours of his birthday fun and special plus I had preparations for the surgery since we'll be spending at least one night there.

I'll blog later about the fun stuff of the day, however, today I felt some pretty serious pressure and had some leakage.  I called the doc from Chuck E Cheese for them to tell me to get there ASAP.  Everything changed.  I had to get the kids in the car and back to their daycares and headed straight to the doc office while sobbing uncontrolably to Liv.  Nearly three hours at the office, 4 tests, one cervix check and lots of my mind running wild with What Ifs to find out cervix is completely closed, the discharge is just that and not an infection or amniotic fluid.  As I stood up relieved beyond belief she said, "Carry on!"  That was after she was in the middle of a test literally inside of me and she starts hounding me about being under too much stress.  So after this week I vow to slow down everything and try to get all this stress under control.  I just have to make it through the next several days of surgery and recovery.  My mantra for tomorrow is It's Just Tonsils, It's Just Tonsils.

Hopefully I'll blog all the good stuff from his birthday while he sleeps peacefully in his hospital bed.  I'll get him many get well balloons to make up for the Spiderman birthday balloons I never got to purchase today.

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