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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hospital Tour in Pictures

As I mentioned a few weeks ago Mark and I registered (barely - do 9 items really count??)
before our hospital tour.
For some reason I never added the pics.
I love Stork Parking.
Expectant Mothers get front row parking.
I love it!

That's how we announced our pregnancy on Facebook.
Me with a picture of the sign.
As you can see, I no longer need the sign to let people know we're expecting.

Registering for the spectacular stroller
that has so many upgrades since we were given a carseat/stroller combo.

Mark's trying out the chair that we ended up getting.


I want this license plate.
Ok, I don't really.
But I do want a peaceful and successful water birth.

Baby's chair at home!
Have I mentioned I love this chair??

At the hospital Mark had to locate the cafeteria and vending machines.
As long as he's not actually there while I'm in labor I'm cool with whatever and however much he wants to eat!

One step closer to being prepared for baby.

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