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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christian's 5th Birthday Party

We had Christian's Birthday Party last weekend at Water Park of America.  I think it may possibly be his favorite place on Earth.  We stayed two nights and had friends stay over at the hotel each night.

Victoria and Christian with his BFF Rosie.
He stretched his arm extra far so he could touch Rosie in the pic.

After it was all said and done I asked him what his very favorite part of the weekend was and he said,
"Decorating the hotel room!"
There you have it.  .99 cre paper and a bag of balloons and a roll of tape.

Mark and Baby Grace.
Gosh, she's so darn cute!
I didn't mind cuddling her up for hours on Saturday.

Christian and his buddy Tyler.
Those two get along so well!

Burnsie with Baby Grace.
Who can keep their hands off a chubber wubber baby?!

Mark and the boys enjoying the Lazy River.
I could have stayed on it all day long.
It took the pressure off everything in my body.
I was instantly in such a good mood when I was in there!

Baby Gracie all tuckered out.
Isn't she an angel?

Stoppin' for a snack.
We brought fruits and veggies this time.
Thank goodness, the kids get so hungry when they're swimming all day.

Lil' Ms. Emilee hangin' in the wading pool

We had a one hour party where we had lunch together.

And he opened his gifts.

He enjoys Spiderman these days!

I love this picture of V and Grace.
Poor Gracie is thinking, "Really?!  Put that camera down!" 

Uncle Wayne and the Birthday Boy!

Baby Grace and her favorite Godmother;-)

Victoria and Marissa

After pizza and cupcakes for the kids we had cake and cupcakes for everyone.
That frosting was a mess, but they loved it!

Of course, Mama and Papa were there to celebrate the birth of their one and only grandson
(for now at least).

Christian playing with his buddies Max and Brady.
These three get along so well.

The Birthday Boy and his happy Momma!

Look Who's (Almost) 5!

Trying out the his new Monster Truck in the hotel hallway.

It was a wild and crazy weekend - 
but we all loved every second of it.

Tomorrow is the real big day!
Looking forward to it!

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