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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christian's Third Surgery

Yesterday Christian had his tonsils removed at Children's hospital only 19 days after his consultation.
We arrived at the hospital at 7:00am on the very slippery morning of January 29th, just a day after his 5th birthday.

He wasn't as nervous as one would expect.
Nurse Natalie was amazing at getting him to relax.
He loved his hospital jammies.

About 30 minutes before surgery.

Many toys to keep him busy before check in.

It's show time!
This time they wouldn't let me walk him into surgery due to the pregnancy.
I guess they didn't want to pick me up off the floor after watching him be put under.
Mark got to take him in this time.
It's never an easy thing to do.

The actual surgery began at 8:51am and by 9:40 Dr. Karlen was out and telling us how 'huge' his tonsils were and how well everything went.
We were brought to Christian about 20 minutes later after he woke in recovery.
He was eating a popsicle and could only whisper.
He whispered, "You said you'd stay with me the whole time!"
I didn't think he'd remember waking up so clearly.

Here he is in his room.
Still pretty drugged up and has an IV in his left arm.  He was very glad to see Blue and Teddy.
His red lips are from his Bomb Pops.

There was no way he was taking a nap.
He slowly woke up more and more.

He had a total of 11 popsicles while we were there.
He was doing so well they discharged him at 2:45pm even though we expected to spend the night.
What a relief!  That room was so small we could barely move.
Although, Christian didn't want to leave.

On the way home, finally ready for a nap....

Lights out, for a whopping 20 minutes.

(Oops out of order)
He couldn't feed himself because he's left handed and his arm had a brace on it taped with the IV so Mark fed him Mac N Cheese and pudding.

When we got home he was raring to go!
Mommy, however, was exhausted!
He built a bank with Daddy.

Can you find my missing tonsils?!

He loves to show off his IV bruise and he'll tell you all about the tube that was under his skin.

Then we used the ice cream maker Mama and Papa gave him for his bday.
Who doesn't whip up their own vanilla ice cream upon arriving home from the hospital?

After worrying about this surgery for weeks he handled it way better than anyone expected.
The nurse said he's the best patient she's had in days and days.
I am relieved that the biggest problem we're having is keeping him settled down.
I expected him to be whiney and crying all day.
He grabs his own popsicle when needed, has no trouble downing his pain medications and is just loving the attention.

Day three is always the worst with the recovery, as it was with his adenoidectomy.
Hoping tomorrow is as smooth as today was with a lot more sleep tonight.
Three surgeries in his first five years.
Hopefully his last. 

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