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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A New Smile

Victoria had her bottom two teeth pulled on June 29th.  I dreaded watching them do it and I dreaded the  first loss of baby teeth in our house.  I dreaded it.

She, clearly, had no problem.
Here she is in the waiting room.

See that adult tooth coming in already?
It missed the root completely so they would never fall out on their own.

I can't say enough about the way Dr. Mielke treated her.
I could not have picture it any better than it went.
After the nurse set up and everything the dentist came in and said pretty much:
Hi Victoria.  We're going to pull two teeth out today.  You have nothing to worry about because you're in charge here.  There won't be any hurts.  If you get nervous or have a questions just raise your hand like this.  Then I'll stop and I won't do anything until you tell me you're ready.

That's the way it's done people!
I could see her whole body relax.  
I think mine did too.

The entire thing only last 45 min included the gas time at the beginning and end.  

They were amazing.

Here are the results:

I guess if every kid you know your age and many younger than you have already lost teeth you have a lot of time to plan.

I wanted to get a good look at what was happening under her pillow before she went to sleep.
She lifted her pillow for me to find a battery powered candle (so the Tooth Fairy could find her way), an adorable letter to her, the tooth necklace the dentist gave her and a pouch for each tooth.
The one of the left Mama Deb made her. 

A. Dor. Able!

The effort was worth it!
She received a $5 bill for each tooth.
PLUS they are totally sparkly -
so "who would even spend such special money?!" 

The whole thing just makes me smile.
And I LOVE to see her smile each and every time!

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