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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm That Lady

Today we met my friend Shauna at Giggle Factory for a play date.  We were originally going to have a picnic in a park but since it's nearly 100 degrees out and super humid, we opted for an inside play date. Brecken had his four month shots this morning and he began to really feel them about 1:00.  That was about three minutes before I pulled up to the Giggle Factory.  I couldn't believe how upset he was.  Finally, I gave in and went to the car to grab the Tylenol I brought along - just in case.  Gave him a quick dose, held him, smooched him.  Shauna held him and smooched him and I rocked him in the carseat and he dozed on and off in between fussing.  Shauna rocked the car seat as I was googling a fancy spa we're going to try to swing for our annual "Mom's Gone Wild" one night away.  (Really we sit and talk over a lot of beer until the sun threatens to come up.)  When some lady walks quickly over and says, "Your little girl just threw up over there."  My first thought is my girl is the oldest in this whole place.  So I actually begin to tell her it can't be my kid.  Then she stops me, "Yes, it's yours!"  I get up and then I hear her, "Mommy!!!!"  Her voice was whiney and scared.  Problem was I couldn't freaking figure out how to get to her.  It's a maze so I started to climb up the slide in my bare feet.  Yep, I was that lady.  Then the woman says, "No, go this way."  I did and then ran into a net.  Finally I get to her to see she was climbing down and threw up and it landed on two different steps.  It was a pretty big mess.  Good thing was (yes I found the silver lining in my child throwing up all over in a public play land) she had just drank several cups of water with her friends, so the puke was pretty much just water.  She wasn't actually sick.  I helped her down.  Poor Shauna was still rocking my fussy/crying baby and I went to tell the owner.  He came over with a bottle of sanitizer and and stack of rags.  I asked to clean it myself.  Who in the hell wants to clean up somebody else's kid's puke?!?!  And I couldn't bear the thought of standing back watching him do it.  Three soaking rags and one more to make sure it was totally sanitized and I looked over my shoulder at the guy.  He said, "Here's the test.  Would you let your own child climb up there?"  I looked at Christian (yes everyone stood there and watched me bent over cleaning this) and said, "That one's mine too."  He smiled a huge smile and said "YES!" and ran right up.  The party went on.  V took a short break and then started running again and I went back to googling the spa.

I was soooooo that lady!

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