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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kelsey's Wedding

I am the oldest grandchild on my dad's side.  When I was 8 & 10 my little cousins Abbey and Kelsey were born.  I remember when they were so little they were in a play pen (back then that's what we now call a Pack N Play) and I was reaching over the side to touch them.  

In 2005 they were both in my wedding.

I watched Abbey get married three years ago.

Then last Saturday, I witnessed Kelsey get married too.  It was like my life was flashing before my eyes.  Between thinking of them as little girls I was also thinking how close Victoria is so getting married.  (I understand we're about 20 years away but time flies!)

Here's Abbey with the Best Man.
I love the Bridesmaid's dresses. 

The Bride and her Daddy.
He is my Godfather and truly one of the best fathers I know.
He is amazing and would do anything for his girls.  

Hugging her Daddy 'good - bye'.

First kiss.

 I don't think Kelsey could have a better suited dress for herself.
It was gorgeous!!!

Auntie Kathy, Me, Abbey & Kelsey all got our wedding dresses at the same spot.

The wedding and reception were both held at a Country Club.

I am SO glad I asked for this picture right after the reception.
She is so beautiful and happy!

We had a great time during dinner.
I kept saying we were at the "Fun Table."
That means we were sat with Brian and Tammey:-)

Uncle Dave and Grandpa

Brian and Tammey

They are so cute and funny!

This picture sums up my family.
Not sure who photo bombed but it's still cute.  

My grandpa and his five children.
My dad was a senior in high school when Uncle Scott was in kindergarten.
Isn't that so cute?

Wayne and me with all of them.

My brother (and his clip on tie) and me

Pretty sure this was late into the night.....

 This is my favorite picture of the night.
I don't have many pictures of just my grandpa and me.
I will treasure this forever and I am going to frame it for him.

Here's her 'Guest Book'
It was so beautiful. I wish more people would have done it.

It was a very fun night that went on until 4am.

Still hard to believe my little cousins are married women!

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