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Monday, July 15, 2013

Brecken's Baptism

Brecken was baptized on June 9, 2013.  It was one of the most spiritual days of my life.  I was soooo looking forward to it.  Since he had such a rough start to life.  Since some family members had yet to meet him.  Since we had two older kids who were so excited to be a part of the ceremony.  We had so many reasons to be so excited.  

We had a different Pastor at church since we got married and Victoria and Christian were baptized.  It made me nervous because I LOVED Pastor Craig so much and actually considered trying to convince him to make one last appearance.  The new (however, he's already since left the church) Pastor Chris wanted to meet with me and get to know us ahead of time.  Brecken and I went to meet him one rainy May morning.  My main thing I said to him was that I wanted the other two kids involved.  I wanted them to stand up there with us. 

He took that to a whole other level.

He had all the children present go to the back of the church and carry small cups of water to the baptismal font to fill it up for Brecken.

Here's Christian and Matthew with their cups.

And Victoria with hers.

That's my cousin Connor in the foreground and a stranger to the right.
I just love how they all got involved!

Christian standing next to Aunt Molly.

We had Brian hold Brecken this time.
Molly got to hold the other two when they were baptized.

I love the way Brian looks at Brecken with love in his eyes.
Brian Steven holding Brecken Steven.  :-)

*A special thank you to Tegan for taking the pictures for us!

I remember being so in the moment. 
It was so intense and emotional for me.
We had already been through so much medically with him and I've prayed more for the little baby than anyone in my whole life.

And now, here he was getting baptized.

I don't remember noticing the congregation. 
I was just in the moment.

Pastor Chris used a lot of water, but Brecken didn't seem to mind.

Molly's patting his little head dry.

At one point during the ceremony my arm touched Molly and I glanced at her.
Suddenly, my throat was tight.
Here she was, yet again, by my side.
She was by my side on my wedding day and she was by my side becoming the Godmother of all three of my children.  
I couldn't be any more grateful to her for her friendship to me, 
but especially the wonderful role model she's been for my children.

 A prayer and lighting of the candle.
Mark and I both paused not knowing who was going to reach out.
I finally did and Christian looked up and me and whispered, 
"Be careful with that thing."

You can see both kids are nervous about the candle.

We were given a beautiful hand-made white blanket that was blessed with a prayer before it was given to him.
It was actually given by our daycare lady's stepmother so that made it extra special.

I love this picture!

This one is framed in Brecken's room.

Brecken (barely) fit into Christian baptism outfit.
Christian was THRILLED to share!

Brecken and his Godparents.

We're all laughing hard because originally I stood next to Brian for some reason and then I looked up at him and said, "Is it weird I'm standing here?"  He politely said, "Maybe a little."  We all cracked up and I moved over next to Mark.  Not sure what I was thinking there.

So cute!
My three children.

All three as cute as can be!

We had everyone over after the baptism.
*A super special thank you to Molly and Brian for coming over the day prior and setting up your huge tent for us!  

Oh, how I love my Theresie!
She loves our kids almost as much as I love hers!

My cousin Chris and her daughter Grace with Brecken and me.

Papa and Brecken.
He laid him right on the food table and they giggled away.

Grace seven months and Brecken three months.

Eventually he changed into something a bit more comfortable.

And he laughed a big ol' gummy laugh!

Especially when his sister plays with him.

Before everyone left Mark and I opened his gifts.
He received many generous gifts.
I chose to share two of my super faves.

From Mama Jeanne and Papa Mark Steven:
A gorgeous silver block that has A, B and C on the other three sides.

And then it opens.
That my friends, is PERFECTION!

Aunt Molly, Godmother Extraordinaire is know for her gift giving.
Family members comment on her amazing gifts.
They are always so personal and well thought out.
She (and Brian) didn't fail to deliver.
This may actually, in my opinion, be the best gift she's ever given.

It's a framed personalized Irish blessing.
(Even though he's not technically Irish, he was born on St. Patrick's Day - and Molly's is Irish)
I had left a spot on his wall open thinking I wanted something 'just right' for the spot.
Sure enough, this now hangs there.

Uncle John was at the baptism but didn't come to our house after so I took this one a couple days later.
Brecky looks so cute hanging out.

It was a beautiful day I hope I always remember the details of.

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  1. Yeah...he looks nothing like Tom Cruise.

    And that's a great recap of the baptism. Great photos, I'm so pleased that day went better than you hoped. Also, you looked beautiful.