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Thursday, July 18, 2013


You're changing so fast I can't keep up.  You're growing up faster than I'm used to.  You sit up when you feel like it and I love it.

Then you lean over and start eating grass like a little goat and I laugh and pull that clover and blades of grass out of your mouth.

Then we get home and you're so happy just to sit and look at me.
We are totally best buddies.

The more I smile the more you smile.

It's the best!

Even if your fingers are in your mouth 
I can see the smile in your eyes.

You move all over.
I'd rather have a blurry picture than nothing!

Your bright blue eyes.

That gummy smile.

You've got me.
Wrapped around your finger!

Seriously, naked baby.
Nothing cuter!





Your brother loves  you almost as much as I do.

Pure Love!

He would do anything for you.
He says you are more important than anyone.

You are so lucky!

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