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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Mark takes Christian to Charlie's to get his hair cut.  It's a little barber on the corner of WB Ave.  He does the BEST job.  I took Christian to Great Clips and the poor kid looked a mess for a month. I decided since I'm home all day I'd bring C to Charlie's myself.  I was a little nervous.  Kind of like the new kid on the block heading into school.  C was really confident and headed right in and told me how to get in.  We got in and were totally looked at like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LADY DOING HERE WITH HERE BABY AND LITTLE KID?

But once you're in, you're in.  So I tried to be relaxed and cool like I belong.  I sat back and wait for the one of two costumers to finish until C was called. Until then I texted Mark some vulgar texted wondering why in the H#$% he's been taking out kid to this sh&^ hole that is so disgusting I'm holding my breath.  However, you do see I actually put the carseat on the disgusting floor.

Then C was called and hopped right up and Charlie hugged him.  Then Charlie joked with him about why I took him somewhere else, and that's the hair cut you get if you don't come to Charlie's.

Then he said if you don't come back I'll cut your ear off.  (Believe me I can't make this shit up!) Poor C looked nervous and I immediately texted Mark and he reassured me that's what he says every time.  Oh Goody!
Charlie gave him a great hair cut for cheaper than anywhere and gives the biggest suckers has a lot of East Side culture up in there.

Would I go back?

I'd rather Mark take him.  But I would

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