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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sebastian's Big ONE!

Our friend Sebastian turned one a couple weeks ago and we got to celebrate his birthday last Sunday.
I'm a huge fan of huge kids' birthday parties.  This one took the cake.  Literally and figuratively.

It was Mickey Mouse themed.

She used our cake lady from Victoria's 5th birthday party. :-)

I was the photographer and used her camera to capture nearly 200 photos of the day.
Therefore, I only have a few I took on my camera phone.

There was a face painter.

There were personalized Mickey Mouse backpacks filled with personalized gifts.
Brecken even got one filled with rattles and baby food!

It was held at a pavilion at park in Woodbury and there were activities everywhere along with a playground on site.

Let's just say if you are wearing Minnie Mouse ears, have your face painted, are wearing a backpack filled with stuff you love and are digging for treasures...pretty sure it's the Best Party Ever!

Brecken begged to go in the ball pit:-)

Right before we left we got a good one of The Birthday Boy Sebastian, Odelis, Brecken and me.
I dream of the good times these little boys will have together!

When we got home I captured some of the details.
Popcorns bags to take home.

The invite.
Turms out the address and directions are on the back!
It hung on my fridge for two months and the GPS couldn't find it so I had to call O while the party was in progress. Embarrassing!!

Personalized backpacks!

Cookies to take with!

It was amazing!!!!

No detail was left!!!

We only have 8 months left to get only planning Brecken's first Big One!
I'm inspired!

Kuddos to O for being a fantastic Mommy for his first year of life
and providing and amazing party for family and friends!!!!

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  1. Looks like a cute party. Odelis clearly loves the details!