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Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Day of First Grade

I've been a teacher for quite a while now and have had a lot of students come back to me over the years.  I've had parents that have wanted to hug me, take pictures with me, give me flowers and gifts and written me very nice letters.

This year, though, I was on the other side.

Here's my daughter writing her rough draft of her good-bye letter to her teacher.

Please don't tell her I shared it. ;)

The actual last day.

I could never thank this teacher enough for al that she has done.
She is the best as differentiating and making kids feel super duper special every single day.

After seeing all she did to make my daughter feel so special,
she inspired me to kick it up a notch this fall.

We could never thank her enough for all she did to make Victoria's first grade year so perfect!

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