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Thursday, July 18, 2013

MidSummer Bowling

On Tuesday, I took my three kids and my two nieces bowling.  
I didn't know what to expect taking 5 children 7 and under bowling by myself.
But, we had the greatest time ever!!!

Somewhere decided to wear a disguise for some reason.
But I won't tell you who she is.....

Then she got a spare!

First game.

The crew -Brecken.
He chose to root the team on instead.

We had two rules while bowling.
1. Stay seated when someone is bowling - that's about 99% of the time.
2. Say something positive every time someone bowls.

I started getting nervous Ashley was going to beat me.

I don't especially like getting my picture taken these days...
But V offered to take one of me and my lil' man.
I'm glad she did:-)

I should have been a lot more nervous.
Look who pulled out the win on the second game!

In my defense I'm pretty sure if you googled 
Things NOT to do while you wait for a cracked pelvis to heal
#1 is bowling.
Yowzers.  Ouch!

Then we met Papa for lunch.
Turns out I brought every single one of his grandchildren right to him.

Can't you feel the love?

It was a great day and we're already looking forward to it again this summer!

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